BGCweb 2014 Pro Network

Powerful Cloud Hosting infrastructure monitored by our team 24/7.




Powerful Cloud Hosting

BGCweb 2014 now offers advanced cloud hosting infrastructure monitored by our team 24/7.
Your website will be live and secured even during the biggest traffic storms.

Secured Network

We have implemented enterprise-level database security measures across our entire hosting network to prevent hackers from disrupting your organizations web services.

Fast Servers

BGCweb 2014 has partnered with Akamai to provide you with the fastest, most stable, and most reliable servers in the industry.

Automatic Backups

We run automatic backups to ensure your website's data will always be available.

Content Delivery Network

Akamai is a CDN and site acceleration service provider. An innovator in cloud-based acceleration technologies, Akamai offers an integrated suite of Web and Mobile Acceleration Services from its 30 global distributed point of presence (POPs). Akamai’s accelerates billions of transactions for millions of Internet users worldwide.

World Wide Servers Network

Our system duplicates your website and places it on all our worldwide servers so that it can be reached from the nearest server providing maximum speed. (Example: users from the West Coast access your site from a local West Coast server, and so on.)