BGCweb 2014 Pro FAQS

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This section is where we hope you will find the answers to most of your questions regarding BGCweb 2014 Pro, it is a collection of commonly asked questions in both pre-sale and technical support areas.

As the product matures we will be making system updates behind the scenes (nothing required on your part) based on user feedback and we anticipate this area of the site to grow accordingly allowing you to quickly get the information you need.

Keep in mind BGCweb 2014 Pro customers are also eligible for technical support via email 24/7 so we can address any issue that might come up as you build and add content to your site.

Can I copy and paste from Word into my site?

The answer is yes, however while you can copy & paste content that was previously developed in Microsoft Word it sometimes generates a very bloated amount of HTML code that can in some cases impact performance of your site.

Can I add forms to my site?

You can build as many custom forms as you like with BGCweb 2014 Pro, forms are built via your dashboard and individual fields can added and custom labeled. Form data is captured and then sent via email to you.

Can I just design my own site within your system?

Of course, we can provide you with a blank template and then you add elements such as backgrounds, menus, pages or photo galleries as you wish. The "Drag & Drop" capability really makes designing your clubs site very intuitive.

Can I modify the template?

Yes, we basically provide you with the template of your choice and from that point you can add content within the template structure or you can modify any element within that same template and end up with an entirely new design. All up to you!

Can the fundraising microsites be designed and branded for our organization?

Yes, each Donation, Event, Registration or Auction microsite can designed from within our design center, backgrounds and layouts can be changed and modified, header panel graphics can be added and animated at any time. You can also choose to use our supplied graphics if you wish.

Can we purchase a domain through BGCweb?

We do act as a domain registrar reseller via one of the largest Domain Name Registrars in the world. Upon purchasing a subscription to one of our product levels we do provide FREE of charge your first year use of that domain, subsequent yearly fees are then billed to your account to keep the name active.

Can we create an Auction?

In SecureOnline Giving you can create your very own online auctions, add items, set minimum bids, add starting bids, configure start and closing times and winner notifications.

Can we create our own BLOG?

Blogs can be easily integrated within BGCweb2014 Pro by utilizing our WordPress plugin, so now it's easy to integrate your BLOG into your club's BGCweb web site.

Can we have an Intranet for our Board Members?

Intranets require a secure zone to protect designated content, BGCweb2014 Pro does not offer this capability, however, as part of a BGCweb subscription our support team will establish a separate protected site for Board, Volunteers and or staff to view and share private content and materials upon your request at no additional fee.

Can we link to our social channels with your product?

Yes, all of our supplied templates come pre-built with Social icons that can be linked to your individual social media pages. In addition we offer social monitoring tools and promotion management programs.

Can we use Credit Card processing as part of our fundraising and donations?

Yes we do offer real-time credit card transaction processing as part of our SecureOnlineGiving module. We currently integrate with Authorizenet as the payment gateway and an account with that provider is required for real-time online transactions into your own financial institution.

We can also process your transactions via our gateway but keep in mind this requires additional processing fees.

For those preferring PayPal we do offer a built-in component to place directly on your BGCweb web pages.

Can we use our own domain name?

You can use your own domain name, after sign-up with our service you will receive a temporary domain name pending the build-out of your site, once completed we can help you point your domain name to our BGCweb network.

How long does it take for my account to be set up?

We require 1-2 business days to fully configure all the features of BGCweb 2014 Pro.

Is there a limit to how to how many fund raisers we can manage?

There is no limit to the amount of Donation, Registrations, Events or Sale Items you have going at one time, we in fact encourage as many fund raising efforts as you can manage. Keep in mind that our system is based on "Microsites" which means that each Event or Auction can carry it's own marketing message and associated graphics completely independent of any other Registration or Donation campaign you might be running. Each BGCweb Pro customer has access to SecureOnlineGiving which is our Online Giving component.

We have a "Basketball Registration" we run each year, is there a way to have a "registration site" that does not require a fee?

Yes, under our "Registration" fund raising area we offer the option of "non-paid" event, so for a sports scenario this would be a great solution.