BGCweb 2014 Pro Email Solution

Microsoft Exchange-level email service for a fraction of the cost of Exchange.




Email Features

Boys and Girls Clubs receive email service with a BGCweb 2014 account, you can have unlimited email accounts with our premium subscription.  With a webmail interface that’s intuitive for both casual and power users, BGcweb provides access to email, calendars, contacts, notes, and tasks from any device or tablet or a Web browser. If you don't want to use an email client like Outlook, you don't have to, all of our functionality is also available using the web.





Webmail for all your email communications

Use BGCweb to manage multiple email accounts. Users can send and receive messages from any email clients that support POP, IMAP and SMTP email accounts and configure different signatures to use with each account.

Auto-complete addressing

Because most users send email to the same recipients, BGCweb automatically pulls email addresses from sent messages, contacts lists, aliases, mailing lists and the Global Address List (GAL) and uses them to auto-complete the To, Cc and Bcc fields of new messages and appointment invitations.

Everything indexed

With our search capabilities, users can find any message, appointment, attachment, contact, task or note with just one click. As an added benefit for administrators, the webmail server's search indexing reduces server utilization while increasing the speed in which search results are returned.

Respond quicker with follow-up flagging

With the sheer number of messages users receive daily, it can be easy to forget to respond to an important email from a donor, member, or staff member. BGCweb lowers this risk with the ability to mark emails for follow-up, ensuring that important emails can be identified at a glance.


Complete Mobile Communication

It’s easy to communicate using email and instant messaging from most smartphones and tablets, including Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows mobile devices. 


Built for quick and easy mobile navigation

SmarterMail’s web-based interface was built for speed and mobility. Users will notice how fast the browsing experience is, and the best part is that all of the enhancements are magnified for desktop users. Users deserve the full SmarterMail experience, regardless of whether they’re using a mouse or touchpad or tablet's touch screen interface.

Remote wipe for lost or stolen devices

System administrators can now quickly, easily and securely wipe a synced mobile device from anywhere, at any time, using the SmarterMail Web interface. This becomes even more important as people store more and more personal and business data on their devices. Once a new mobile device is acquired, or the old one recovered, simply re-sync it with a SmarterMail account to regain access to all emails, contacts, calendar events, contacts and more.

Personalize your contacts

With the growth in popularity of social networks, people are used to seeing the person they’re talking to when typing up messages. SmarterMail allows users to add pictures to their contacts, thereby putting a face to a name, as it were, when typing up emails or using the included live chat. Contact pictures will even carry over to third-party live chat clients like Adium or Pidgin so users always see the person they’re communicating with, regardless of medium. In addition, ActiveSync and CardDAV will synchronize contacts with your choice of third-party applications.

Manage and Export All Contacts

Full contact management, including attachment, meeting and email historySmarterMail's contact management allows users to keep detailed information on each person they communicate with, including the ability to log multiple email addresses per contact. That way personal communication can be separated from professional interactions. In addition, finding information on a contact in your address book has never been easier. Users can track entire conversations with a contact or view a list of recent appointments and attachments related to each contact with a click of a button. Plus, users can download, save or send contacts in .CSV or vCard format.