Enabling Boys and Girls Clubs to easily manage and resolve out-of-date or erroneous local business listings on the leading local search engines. Sold as a separate service.


In today’s competitive marketplace, people have lots of options. Which is to say they can be fickle. Just pay a visit to Yelp and you’re bound to come across a review from a scorned customer who vows to never return to the establishment—not because of the staff or service, but because of misinformation. When it comes to information, they expect nothing less than precision.

But precision can be elusive, particularly when your brand lives on so many discrete destinations. We analyze, identify, and claim existing listings of your locations through our publisher network, so all of your content is locked, synced, and updatable across every digital channel.

We have access to a network of powerful listings. BGCweb 2014 in partnership with RightNow Inbound Marketing have exclusive partnerships with over 50 leading publishers, integrated with the most established search engines, local service sites, and mapping apps. Experience the advantage of tapping into our powerful network of publisher-level connections. 220 million users, 50+ leading publishers, 1 place.

Now your club can manage their local content, listings, business pages, social pages, campaigns, and more through the functionally integrated BGCweb2014 Geo Marketing Cloud.


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Core Geodata

Automatically sync 26 core geodata fields, like name and address, that define each unique location.


Attention getting: Select categories from our list of 2,500-mapped MapQuest database. Search terms are linked to like category queries, so you’re sure to be found.

Photo Gallery

Vibrant 460 x 720 resolution photos give shape to your locations.


Add a face to your page.


Highlight special events and news.

Programs & Services

Elucidate the essence of your business.

Payments Accepted

Choose payment methods from major credit cards to wire transfers to invoicing.

Lat/Long Address

Pinpoint exact geographic coordinates on the map for your locations.

Routable Lat/Long

Pinpoint exactly where navigation systems should route your customers for driving directions.

Business Descriptions

Nail SEO with a keyword rich, indexable business description.

Hours of Operation

Knowing when you’re open for business is key. List club hours and update them with ease.

Clickable Featured Message

Hyperlinks transport your customers to specials, info, and more.

External Links

Link directly to a unique location url or deep link.

Quick Updates

Don’t blink.


Track how your customers are engaging to optimize your listings and content.