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paul walsh - Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Well it's finally here, we know all of our current BGCweb customers have been asking for this release for several months now and I can say "we appreciate your patience and loyalty". We have released several new product launches over the last 10 years but BGCweb 2014 Pro is by far one of the most exciting.

The rebuilt, redesigned feature list is way too long to cover in this article but let me point out some of what I would consider the major improvements over our previous releases.

The Drag-n-Drop editor-this in itself led the way and positioned BGCweb 2014 Pro as a leader in it's field with respect to overall user experience.

Insite Personalization Engine~The ability to show specific content to your website visitors based on time, geo location or device is pretty major, it now gives organizations the tools that only major corporations had access to over the years. Imagine being able to show a first time visitor a video your club has produced as a welcome marketing tool, or show a announcement for the upcoming Golf Tournament 3 days before your event and disappear automatically immediately after the event has concluded or show certain content based on a viewer's location or perhaps show only certain content to a mobile user. It's all possible now.

Import images from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox or Flickr~In todays world of cloud storage we realize there are many places that you might have content, and when building and maintaining your clubs site it's important to have access to all of those resources. We make it easy for you, with a couple of clicks you can go out onto the web and pull down your images and place on your site with ease.

Content Placeholders~Trying to figure out how best to build a table with a certain amount of cells and margins etc. to place images and text is a thing of the more! We now have integrated content blocks that cover just about every scenario, lets say you want an image and columns below, no problem just drag and drop.

Google Maps~Super smooth integration Google Maps that can be placed on any page....Just add your address, rinse and repeat!

PayPal~For those of you who prefer to use PayPal as a donation tool we have you covered. Just add your PayPal username and type of transaction(Donation or Buy) and price and away you go!

Social Tools~Too many to include...Likes, comments, WordPress feeds...All here.

Need for Speed~ This is BIG. We have switched our hosting services over to Amazon Web Services, they offer the most robust backbones and data centers in the world. This is light years away from where we have come from.

So that wraps up at least the some the biggest features in this release, the product features page goes into way more detail and specifications. We are looking forward to working with all of our customers in migrating over to this new platform and hopefully bring on some new clubs. Thanks for being part of BGCweb.

Paul J. Walsh

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